NW Minnesota lawmakers discuss 2021 legislative session

MINNESOTA (KVRR) — A Minnesota Legislative wrap-up with District 4 legislators discusses actions and support they took during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic upended many Moorhead businesses, Minnesota State lawmakers discuss the resiliency the community had to come back from difficult times,” DFL State Representative Heather Keeler of Moorhead said.

With the Cares Act that went out last summer where cities could spend dollars on providing grants and help businesses that were hit the hardest by COVID-19. Also I think it was in November another 150 million dollars went out to counties to distribute more funds,” DFL State Representative Paul Marquart of Dilworth said.

DFL State Senator Kent Eken of Twin Valley says although funds helped support the livelihood of the business community, there is still more to be done for others.

“I’ve always felt that we’ve fallen short in ensuring that we’re providing for the most vulnerable members of our society and there is no other group in our society that’s been hit harder than those in long-term care facilities,” Eken said.

As for other future plans of improvement, Keeler and Marquart say it’s all about education and job creation.

“Higher education I’m just so passionate about in making sure that we do more than just keep our doors open. To make sure that we have strong, successful programs to support all of our individuals that are in higher education,” Keeler said.

“I’d like to continue working on blue collar resurgence program. We need to develop and bring more blue collar jobs into Minnesota. I think we can spend 100 million dollars to look at providing infrastructure to cities and counties that would get roads and infrastructure to businesses creating jobs,” Marquart said.

Click here to watch the the full legislative session.

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