Sister of KFGO’s Bob Harris encourages vaccinations following his death from Covid-19

I'm hoping that maybe his story and our story can help convince someone to get the vaccine."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — A family member of former KFGO radio personality Bob Harris, who died of COVID-19, talks about her experience on dealing with her loss.

After dying in December of last year, longtime radio personality Bob Harris is being featured on the North Dakota’s Department of Health’s virtual COVID-19 impact wall.

Harris’ sister is now speaking out saying she hopes Bob’s story will help encourage people to get vaccinated against the virus.

“Bob was pretty important to our family but since he passed we realized how much he meant to all the people in our community, how many lives he’s touched and how much he’s missed. I’m hoping that maybe his story and our story can help convince someone to get the vaccine,” Harris’ sister Jeannie Smith said.

As more COVID-19 cases begin to overwhelm hospitals across the country, Smith says she feels devastated to see the numbers climbing yet again.

“I feel really bad for the healthcare people because they’ve been through this already and it’s frustrating because I do think that if we all work together and put politics aside and just for the good of everyone do what needs to be done to keep this contained we can go back to so resemblance of normalcy,” said Smith.

As Smith encourages people to get vaccinated against the virus, she says Harris would have done the same.

“He would have gotten the vaccine for sure, we all had discussed that even beforehand that when the vaccine was available we were going to take it,” added Smith.

Smith says her loss extends far beyond her family.

“He was a great loss, not only to our family but to this community and because he was so well known in the community and so loved in the community I had hoped that that would inspire someone to get the vaccine,” Smith said.

You can find more about Bob Harris’s story here.

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