LIVE: Fargo Public Library and the New NASA Telescope Launch

Get your kids excited about a history-making moment for space exploration, AND win a free telescope!

On December 22nd, the scientists at NASA are sending something on an extraordinary journey through the stars.

And they’re inviting kids to join it every step of the way…. and even win a free portable refractor telescope too.

It’s part of a new nationwide program by NASA, and Fargo’s public librarians are helping kids 12 and under participate.

It’s the historic James Webb Space Telescope challenge this month.

The telescope is considered the biggest and most complex space telescope ever built.

Scientists will use it to discover how the universe was formed.

Kids can use an app to get online and earn badges by learning all about the project, and how it will explore space.

Each badge gives them a chance to earn their own telescope.

Not only that, but it’s a great way to help kids stay entertained and engaged in learning during the winter break from school.

There are also other prizes kids can win, and plenty of materials in the Fargo library system for them to learn more about astronomy and the other sciences.

Librarian Cynthia Mason Zoomed in live to the Morning Show to talk with Emily Welker about why she’s passionate about exploring outer space, the amazing origami-like structure of the James Webb Space Telescope, and how it’s bringing together scientists, laypeople, and even kids from all over the world to join in the adventure.

For more information, and for how to get the Fargo Library Beanstack app for kids:


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