LIVE: A Resolution That’s Fit to Last

Stay out of the orthopedics office and on the right track with these tips to get you started.

You may be one of many of us thinking hard about whether this is the year you make a resolution to get moving and get fit.

Orthopedic specialists say that’s a great idea… if you take it slow at first.

One of the biggest risks in a new fitness resolution is doing too much, too fast.

Without proper conditioning, you’re more likely to get hurt, and that will set you back while you recover.

Specialists suggest you set small goals, which are better in the beginning and are more likely for you to be able to meet.

And that, you can start to see bigger results, like finishing a marathon or getting good at a new sport,  over the course of a longer time.

They say through it all, it’s important to listen to your body.

Essentia Health orthopedic provider Dr. Prasad Sawardeker Zoomed in live to the Morning Show to talk with Emily Welker about what you want to be listening to it for.

He explained why you want to wait to do your stretching, how soon you can tell if it’s ordinary discomfort or a serious injury, and other tips that can keep you on the right track not just for January, but for all year round.

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