LIVE: Freezing for a Good Reason

Wear your warm boots and cuddle up to a good cause.

It’s the awareness-raising event that gives new meaning to the word “intense.”

And it’s literally in tents — for 44 hours, overnight, in the frigid February outdoors of the Fargo metro area.

Volunteers and local notables are gathering once again for “Freezing for a Good Reason” this weekend, armed with all their toughest outdoor gear for a marathon session of braving the elements together.

They’re doing it, once again, to talk to you about the issues and problems facing the veterans of our community.

Last year, the event raised awareness for veteran homelessness and mental health issues.

This time, it’s the need to build a permanent building at Fargo’s National Cemetery for family members, honor guard members, and others who come out to observe memorial ceremonies for fallen service members.

The Sheriffs of both Cass and Clay counties will be there, along with representatives from various nonprofits, radio personalities, and more notable folks from around the region.

FM Freedom Riders’ Tom Krabbenhoft took a break from getting his cold-weather gear ready to Zoom in live to the Morning Show for a chat with Emily Welker about building a shelter so the freezing doesn’t have to go on long-term out at the Fargo National Cemetery.


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