LIVE: CoreCon Comes Back

Gather and let your imagination flow.

If you’ve been in sci-fi or fantasy fan withdrawal after two years of pandemic online life, there’s a group in the metro that totally gets you.

CoreCon is coming back Memorial Day weekend and this time, they want to see you in person.

The nonprofit is preparing for their first in-person convention since the pandemic struck.

They’re excited about the chance to connect one on one with all the creative folks into anime, cosplay and more.

The group caters to the self-described nerd crowd — anyone who’s into horror, electronic gaming, role playing, you name it.

As you can imagine, that represents an ever-growing group of people in the metro.

You can attend panel discussions, meet the guests in fan suites, create take-and-make crafts, shop the market and more.

CoreCon’s Francis McGill joined Emily Welker on the Morning Show to talk about what kind of crowd size they’re expecting, how they plan to handle safety, and why CoreCon isn’t just a chance to party with your fellow nerds.

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