LIVE: EMS Week Kickoff

A hands-on demonstration from the folks who sometimes hold your life in their hands.

It’s your chance to get up-close and personal with some of the folks on the front lines of lifesaving in the region.

It’s EMS Week, and to celebrate, the folks at Sanford Ambulance are holding an open house tonight to introduce you to their work and that of the other first responders in the region.

You can check out their emergency vehicles, grab some free food, and most importantly, get to know the people who sometimes hold your very life in their hands.

They’ve been an especially critical part of the community for the last 2 years, as EMS workers have faced off with the constant threat of Covid exposure in their calls.

And while that’s been a challenge that’s become all too routine, there’s another one that’s been lurking in the background since even before Covid struck:

Parademics, particularly volunteers, are becoming harder and harder to come by in rural parts of the region.

Sanford Ambulance’s Don Martin and Kathy Lonski joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about the current challenges facing EMSs and other first responders, and to show her how to perform a hands-only CPR on “Annie.”

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