LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Hammy

Moon Over My Hammy, if you want to be formal about it.

Handsome Hammy the pit bull is looking for a forever home on this week’s live in-studio Pet Connection, and he is a real hunk of love.

The 2-year-old young gentleman was found in the Wahpeton pound and brought back to the metro by rescuers at 4 Luv of Dog shelter.

Cindy Holtan brought the sturdy, cuddly fellow in with her to the KVRR studio, and says he has almost pitch-perfect manners.

He’s great on a leash, loves cuddles, and gets along especially well with children, including very small ones.

It makes sense, since pit bulls were once upon known as “nanny dogs,” and often were seen in the company of children — see Petey the Pup from “Little Rascals.”

Hammy is a great combination of playful and gentle, which is important, especially considering he’s a very powerful breed.

He has a gorgeous face with wonderful jowls and wrinkles and he really knows how to play up to the camera, with a great smile and some very silly postures.

Best of all, this young dog has his whole life ahead of him to spend with his forever family.

If this handsome, healthy young man might be the right guy for you and your family, check out his profile, here.


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