LIVE: Let’s Get Physical

Find out if Adam and Emily pass their exams.

We’re getting physical here at KVRR News.

And doctors say students should, too.

Sanford Health is hosting back to school sports physical clinic this week to make sure kids can play safely.

Sports physicians say among other things, they’re looking specifically for neurological or heart problems that can make it dangerous for kids to play.

If it’s been awhile since you had one or you’ve never had one, don’t be nervous.

The Morning Show’s Emily Welker and Adam Ladwig took one for the team to show you getting a physical is actually pretty easy.

Dr. Jason Sharp also sat down with Emily for a one-on-one interview to talk about some of the other things doctors will be checking for to get you set up for a winning season, and what parents should do to help their student athlete get ready for the new year.

The clinic also comes with a complete round of vaccinations to further protect kids on and off the field.

It’s open to students all the way through college.

For more information:

Sports Physical Blitz | Sanford Health


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