LIVE: Murder In The Studio

And we're trying to draw you into the plot.

We’re talking murder this Wednesday on the Morning Show.

And of course, we haven’t got a Clue who the killer is.

Fortunately, the players of FMCT are on hand to help.

And they’re eager to draw you into the plot too.

Friday marks the next performance of their original murder mystery show at Bonanzaville.

It’s an audience-participation, interactive period piece that lets you help solve the crime, sort of like a live version of Clue.

It’s got a 1920s-era feel and fits right in with the historic surroundings.

Audience members are encouraged to dress in 20s-era outfits as they help solve who the killer is, where it happened and what weapon the killer used.

It gives you a chance to move around and explore the museum while you work to figure out who the murderer may be.

The piece was written by the show’s director Matthew Smith.

He and some of the other cast members came in to the KVRR-TV Morning Show studio to talk about creating the show and even gave us a sneak preview of one of the scenes.

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