LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Arlene

A champion cuddler and conversationalist.

Arlene is a cat with a lot to say, and a lot of love to give.

She’s been in the Homeward Animal Shelter for 104 days now, and so it’s understandable she’s seen a lot and wants to comment on it.

The pretty, personable almost-8-year old tortoiseshell domestic shorthair isn’t just full of sweet words of endearment for a potential adopter.

She’s also a snuggler extraordinaire.

If you’re giving out cuddles, she wants in.

She’s well-socialized and gets along with practically any human being.

She’s also diabetic, but fortunately, the condition doesn’t require any medication for you to dispense to her.

Instead, it’s controlled by diet, which is a pretty sweet deal for a senior cat and her family.

Also a sweet deal: because she’s been at the shelter for more than fifty days, her adoption is absolutely free.

To take a look at her profile and to fill out an application to see if she’s the sweetie for you, check out her profile, here:

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