Pro life rally held across the street from new Moorhead abortion clinic

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) – A pro life organization and the Diocese of Crookston hold a rally across from the Red River Women’s Clinic’s new Moorhead location.

They are grateful abortions could soon no longer be lawful in North Dakota, but are concerned the state’s only abortion clinic moved three miles away where the procedure is legal.

Pro Life Action Ministries from St. Paul organized the rally.

It’s engaging with the community to do what they can to oppose abortion and defend the rights of the unborn.

A woman who had an abortion told the crowd when she was 22 a doctor said she was pregnant and immediately told her she could get the procedure which she regrets getting.

“My baby died in a tragic and horrific way that day and a part of my heart died and my life started spiraling out of control,” Pro Life Activist Jody Clemens said.

We asked a Pro Life Action Ministries official if his organization believes men who do not want to reproduce should have vasectomies to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

“We’re getting into conversations… I think what really needs to be understood is that when we say we want to defend the unborn, we also want to take care of the child after they’re born, we want to take care of the woman, we want to take care of that nuclear family. So, we certainly want to work with the men as well,” PLAM Action Executive Director Tim Miller said.

The former Republican State Representative from Prinsburg says there’s a Minnesota law that an aborted baby must be buried or cremated. He says if the Red River Women’s Clinic isn’t doing that, his organization will seek charges against the business.

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