Pet Connection: Meet Bambi

Bambi joins us for Pet Connection as the longest-tenured dog at the Humane Society of the Lakes


Bambi is a popular girl over at the Humane Society of the Lakes. They love her, but they want to see her go.

That’s because she’s the longest-tenured dog at the shelter. She’s been there over a year.

That’s why they’re featuring the 3 year-old pup for “Adopt a less-adoptable dog week”.

She can be yours for only a $75 adoption fee.

All Bambi wants is someone to be devoted to. She is very affectionate and has tons of energy. But, she’s only a fan of women. She is afraid of men and loud children. She also shows aggression towards smaller animals.

A man could win her over with lots of treats and affection, but you’d have to be patient.

The bottom line is that Bambi deserves and needs a good home. If you have the power to make that happen, learn more about her by clicking here.


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