Ghoul Morning: “Tinker”ing with Local Artist Ashley Rieck

Creepy, cool and bejeweled works of art, just in time for spooky season.

NORTH FARGO — For anyone who loves the scary season, there’s a real art to bringing it to life.

Local artist Ashley Rieck knows just how to do it.

Bring it to life after death, that is.

Rieck creates her pieces under the name “Tinker,” inspired by the Peter Pan fairy Tinkerbell, who makes things from found objects.

In Rieck’s case, the things she makes are former animals, now mostly bones and other organic matter left behind post-decomposition.

Think skulls, horns, antlers, teeth and assorted other structures, all embellished with crystals, moss, and other whimsical items.

She’s even working on a full-size taxidermy swan in full flight, originally white, now halfway to being dyed black, complete with a green metallic-leafed beak.

She’s not sure yet what she’s doing with the semi-cleaned moose head resting in her side yard, but she’s got big plans.

Rieck’s work is sort the ultimate in upcycling, especially given how full of dead animals our rural region is, she says.

It’s a way to breathe new life into this flotsam and jetsam of Mother Nature, and to bring her very vivid dreams to life.

Check out or full length one-on-one with Rieck as she shows us around her North Fargo studio.

And if you’ve missed her work displayed at various metro-area venues, you can always find her on Instagram:



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