Pet Connection: Meet Scotch

He's handsome. He's sweet. He loves to snuggle and talk. Basically, he's the perfect guy.

There have been a lot of great pets who’ve come through the Morning Show studio for Pet Connection, but there have only been one or two it’s been hard for the anchor to let go of to go home to the shelter.

Scotch is one of them.

This beautiful 3-year-old tabby came to Homeward Animal Shelter from our local pound, and it’s hard to believe someone gave this guy up.

He has an incredible velvety coat, a sweet, affectionate disposition, and an unflappable calm.

He’s a chatty guy too — you won’t have to work hard to get him to talk to you and share his take on things.

He loves to cuddle and is perfectly happy to hang out with you and watch the world go by.

He gets along well with other cats and they’re pretty sure he’d enjoy dogs too.

And he’s a big guy, but very gentle with his paws, so he’d be a great fit for kids five and up who can understand how to be gentle with a cat.

If this total sweetheart sounds like the guy for you, check out his profile here, and don’t forget to come out for the Wags, Whiskers and Wine fundraiser to raise money for all Homeward’s wonderful pets.

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