LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Dory and Marlin

A beautiful, bonded, and heartbroken pair of Dobermans.

This bonded pair of dogs may come with one of the saddest stories we’ve ever had on the Morning Show.

And to see how it’s affected these Dobermans, all you have to do is observe their body language.

Marlin, the male, and Dory, the smaller female, come to Pet Connection from 4 Luv of Dog shelter.

Their owner died last month, leaving them with no family to care for them.

The late man’s relatives could not take in the two dogs, who need to be adopted together.

Dory is fairly timid, and relies on her big brother for protection.

Marlin is more outgoing, and very much looking for affection and reassurance.

Their manners are impeccable, and as long as you don’t separate them from each other, they’d be a wonderful addition to any loving person’s or family’s situation.

At roughly 50 and 80 pounds respectively, they are a fair amount of dog, so you would need to make sure you had the room for them.

However, their shelter volunteers say that together, Dory and Marlin prove easier to care for than a single dog, since they keep each other company and out of trouble.

If you’re looking for a couple of total softies who just need a soft place to land, check out their profile, here:















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