Garden of Healing kicks off phase two

FARGO (KVRR) – There may still be snow on the ground, but The Garden of Healing is in full bloom. Being the size of a football field, phase 2 is sure to bring you all of your relaxation needs.

“Having a nature environment with an urban setting is one way people can overcome some of those challenges and stresses so they can be able to relax and reflect and remember.” says Arlin Fisher.

Arlin and Sarah Fisher had a vision to create a location where one could reflect and remember, meditate, and heal all within nature’s calmness.

He says, “I would love to see our community use this park and use it for them to heal and overcome any challenges they’re feeling”

While in the garden you will be surrounded by sculptures, fountains, benches, lighting, external flames, and green space.

Along the way Arlin and Sarah met Jodi Plecity, another grieving mother who shares a similar story, who was immediately on board.

“The coolest part of this is Sarah Arlin and I have really become close friends. Kind of like family and I think it was definitely meant to be for us to connect how we have. We’ve just kind of taken this and ran with it.” says Plecity.

Being 12.5 times the size of phase 1, phase 2 will include things like a healing hotline. This structure will be made out of monoliths to create a private place for visitors to reach out to their passed on loved ones.

“We just are excited for the community to be able to have this place because there isn’t anything like it.” says Sarah Fisher.

The garden will also include a scent garden. Providing nature to all of the senses is a proven way to help people destress, The Garden of Healing is focused on stimulating all senses.

In addition to these the garden will include things like a butterfly garden, a rain garden, and a labyrinth and medicine wheel.

The garden will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For more information on The Garden of Healing or to find out how you can help click here.

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