ND Republicans call for 2024 ballot measure that would eliminate property taxes

BISMARCK, N.D. (KVRR) — Republicans in the North Dakota legislature are pushing to pass a resolution where people can vote on a ballot measure to eliminate property taxes.

The measure would prevent all state and political subdivisions from levying a property tax in 2025.

Subdivisions with bond issues would still collect property taxes until the bonds are paid off.

Former Republican State Representative Rick Becker of Bismarck says funds from the state budget would replace property taxes.

North Dakotans voted against eliminating property taxes in 2012.

But Becker says rising taxes are the number one issue for many in the state.

“The legislature at that time said, “Don’t pass this. We are going to take care of things. We will give you property tax relief and reform and they tried. Unfortunately, everything they tried has not worked. People’s property taxes are going up despite the fact the state has already spent seven and a quarter billion dollars to buy down people’s property taxes and it hasn’t worked,” Becker said.

Donnell Preskey of the North Dakota Association of Counties says eliminating property taxes threatens local control.

She believes all counties in the state are fiscally responsible.

Becker adds the most important part about the resolution is giving citizens a chance to vote on it.

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