LIVE: F5 Project’s Back the Blue Fundraiser

For some of us, the shooting hit too close to home. So they're stepping up to help.

FARGO — They were once on the wrong side of the law.

Now, they’re raising money to protect some of the metro’s lawmen — the ones who sacrificed themselves to save their city from an apparent mass shooting attack on July 14th.

The F5 Project is a Fargo-based nonprofit that helps get jobs,. homes, and healthy transitions into regular life for former felons.

They’re holding a fundraiser Thursday, August 10 for the officers in the South Fargo shooting and for their families.

Both F5’s founder Adam Martin and board member Officer Shawn Gamradt will take to the dunk tank at the F5 headquarters.

Much of the organization’s leadership was at the downtown Street Fair on the afternoon of the 14th when the shooting started.

That’s one of the likely targets investigators believe that the shooter was headed for when police intercepted him at the scene of a routine traffic stop.┬áMartin stopped by the Morning Show for a live interview with Emily to talk about why felons and police aren’t necessarily at odds, what it was like to realize his own life and his wife’s were likely saved by the officers in the shooting, and why the cooperation between the police and the F5 Project makes the community safer for everyone.

Fundraiser info:

Back the Blue Fundraiser

Thursday, August 10

F5 Parking lot

1122 1st Ave N Fargo






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