LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Gizmo

A handsome bird who's ready for his close-up.

Gizmo’s volunteer handler from CAARE Avian Rescue claimed he had woken up on the wrong side of the cage the morning of Pet Connection.

If this is Gizmo grumpy, we can’t imagine how friendly he is when he’s well-rested.

Because the first thing the 35-year-old cockatoo did was hop on board Emily just as she was about to read the beginning of the 8 a.m. show.

Not only is he a delightful (if unexpected) co-anchor, he’s also calm and cuddly, and didn’t shriek once through his entire visit.

Umbrella cockatoos like Gizmo can be very loud, though, so he needs to be in a house, not an apartment.

He also needs lots of toys to play with, and at least four hours outside his cage every day to keep him mentally stimulated and physically healthy.

Handler Gwen Sailer said cockatoos are so social, they’ll follow you right into the bathroom to keep you company.

They can live for a very long time, so make sure you make plans in the event Gizmo lives to be eighty years old or so.

He’s also a big bird who has the capacity to be very destructive if left unattended, so he’s not the right bird for a beginner owner.

But Gizmo is a great guy for anyone who knows a thing or two about birds and has the right space and time for him.

If you’d like to see if you and Gizmo are a good fit, check out the adoption information for him at this link:

And don’t forget to stop by the upcoming “Meet The Pups!” events throughout the metro, info also at above link.


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