LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Mickey

Just like the cartoon mouse, this dog knows how to look cute for the camera.

FARGO — There’s a saying amongst folks who work on camera for a living that you have to “know your angles.”

Mickey might not officially be working as on-camera talent (darn that SAG-AFTRA strike) but he sure loves the camera, and it loves him right back.

And so does most of the staff on the KVRR Morning Show, because the pit bull cross is just as charming as his giant, ever-ready smile.

Mickey’s great company whether you’re in the market for a walk, a game, or just a cuddle on the couch.

He’s got great manners, accepting kenneling time and time waiting patiently for his Pet Connection appearance with no barking at all.

Like a lot of pitties, he has a great personality to go with his adorable appearance, with a striking spotted coat and some seriously impressive jowls.

He would prefer to be an only dog at home, but that’s okay, because with a personality and looks like this, you won’t have eyes for anyone but him.

If Mickey and all his charm might be the right dog for you, you can find out more about him, here:

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