Girl on Bicycle Injured After Being Hit by a Teen Driver in Grand Forks

Police said a 12-year-old girl was taken to the hospital after being hit by a teen driver

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — Police in Grand Forks said a 12-year-old girl riding a bicycle was hit by a car driven by a 16-year-old boy at around 6:45 Saturday afternoon. The girl was taken to Altru Hospital by ambulance for unspecified injuries. Authorities said she was heading south on her bike while the car was heading west before the two…

One Person Identified in Fatal Head-On Collision Between Semis Near New Town

The collision happened on the Highway 23 bypass near New Town

NEW TOWN, ND — Authorities identify one of the two semi drivers killed in a fiery crash in northwestern North Dakota. Anthony Gonzales, 29, of Hamilton, Montana was driving a semi hauling crude oil. The state Highway Patrol says the fully-loaded semis collided head-on in Mountrail County early Saturday and caught fire. The collision happened on the Highway 23 bypass…

6-Year-Old Boy Identified in Fatal Car Crash Near Cando

Eugene, who was wearing a seat belt, was thrown from the vehicle as it rolled into a ditch

  TOWNER COUNTY, ND —  Authorities have identified the six-year-old boy who died in a car crash near Cando. Eugene Cain, of St. John, died after the vehicle he was riding in hit another vehicle on U.S. Highway 281 at about 3:30 p.m. Thursday. Eugene, who was wearing a seat belt, was thrown from the vehicle as it rolled into a ditch….

Motorcyclists Face More Dangers Than They May Realize

Experts share motorcycle riding tips to keep the community safe

FARGO, ND., — As the weather warms up, more motorcycles are out on the highways. “I don’t care who you are, what you ride or how good you ride,” said Marg Hohnadel, who is a certified riding coach with Abate. “Every person that rides a motorcycle has room for improvement.” After a long winter of being cooped up inside, riders…

Rollover Accident Shuts Down Busy Fargo Intersection

45th Street was closed at 19th Avenue South for just over an hour

Accident on 45th A truck tips on its side while attempting to turn on 45th Street in Fargo. Accident on 45th Two trucks are also on their sides as they were on the trailer being pulled by the other truck. Accident on 45th Law enforcement keeps traffic moving and away from the crash site. Accident on 45th Fire trucks are…

From Blood Recipient to Blood Donor: The Vincent Ulstad Story

A life changing accident kept this avid blood donor from giving back for seven years

FARGO, N.D. — Donating blood was a regular part of his life. But after a major car accident, blood donations were needed to save him. The accident left Vincent Ulstad blind, forcing him to make several adjustments. But almost eight years later, he can make donating blood a regular part of his life again. “I have absolutely no memory of…

Sled Hockey: Bringing Two Brothers Back on the Ice Despite the Odds

HOPE Inc is allowing paralympians in the Valley to compete with other cities

FARGO, N.D. — An organization is giving hope to disabled people who want to get back on the ice. The Fargo-Moorhead Sled Hockey team is getting ready to leave for San Jose to play in the nationals. “It’s a very exciting time for our players,” said HOPE Inc Executive Director Adair Grommesh. “Especially for our adults, because many of them played…

Boy Accidentally Shot in the Head While Playing With a Gun

The boy's condition is unknown at this time

BENEDICT, N.D. — Authorities in Benedict, North Dakota say a 9-year-old boy was accidentally shot in the head while playing with a gun. Officials say the boy and his 11-year-old cousin were playing with a .22 caliber pistol at home Wednesday night. They say neither of the boys knew the gun was loaded. The 9-year-old boy was taken to a…

Three Storm Chasers Killed in Crash While Chasing Texas Tornado

In an interview given just weeks before his death, Williamson said the biggest danger when storm chasing isn't the actual twister

  DICKENS COUNTY, TX — Three storm chasers are dead after colliding at an intersection while chasing a tornado in Dickens County, Texas. Police say Kelley Williamson, 57, and Randall Yarnall, 55, two storm chasers who were contractors with the Weather Channel, and 25-year-old chaser Corbin Jaeger all died at the scene. They say Williamson, who was driving a Surburban…

Seven Children Injured in School Bus Crash with Suspected Drunk Driver in Minnesota

The bus was carrying 22 children at the time of the accident. Seven of them suffered minor injuries

  ROBBINSDALE, Minn. — Five children were sent to the hospital and are now recovering after an erratic driver crashed into a school bus in a suburb of the Twin Cities. Robbinsdale Police say the driver, identified as 28-year-old Argeni Fernandez of Minneapolis, hit the school bus while he was trying to flee from authorities. Police say Fernandez was found behind…