Senator Hoeven Hosts Roundtable Discussion on Tax Relief

Hoeven specifically wanted to get input about how he could help middle class individuals and families

FARGO, ND — Senator John Hoeven held a roundtable to get community input about tax relief for North Dakotans. State manufacturers, exporters and agricultural industry leaders were all there to provide their thoughts on what should be done next. Hoeven specifically wanted to get input about how he could help middle class individuals and families. However, he says he hopes…

Emerging Prarie Holds First-Ever Cultivate Conference

the whole day was dedicated to agriculture and technology

FARGO, ND —┬áThe two worlds of agriculture and technology collided at Emerging Prairie’s first ever “Cultivate” conference. Speakers from every sector of agricultural technology had the chance to share their ideas about the industry. They discussed ideas about precision agriculture and ways technology can be enhanced to help farmers in their daily tasks. Emerging Prairie hosted the conference to provide…

Rainfall Welcomed by North Dakota’s Drought-Stricken Producers

Pasture and range conditions are rated 58 percent poor or very poor

  NORTH DAKOTA — Rainfall over the past week in North Dakota halted or delayed harvest but was welcomed by drought-plagued farmers. The weekly crop report says about half of the topsoil and subsoil moisture supplies in the state are still rated short or very short. The harvest of small grains crops including spring wheat, durum wheat and oats is…

Senator Franken Introduces New Legislation to Help Rural Communities in Minnesota

Franken said that every day the nation's farmers have our backs and he believes we need to have theirs as well.

MINNESOTA — A new package of legislation has been introduced by Senator Al Franken that supports farmers, producers and rural businesses in Minnesota. This proposed change would help them deploy more renewable energy projects and cut energy costs. Sen. Franken said that every day the nation’s farmers have our backs and he believes we need to have theirs as well….

People of Buffalo Say a Hog Farm Could Pollute Their Drinking Water

The majority of a small town is upset after the state Supreme Court allowed hog farm permits

BUFFALO, ND — The North Dakota Supreme Court approved permits for a hog facility near Buffalo, North Dakota. Several people living there have spent more than a year trying to keep it from being built, saying it can heavily pollute the area. In the 2016 election, nearly 76 percent voted “no” to corporate dairy and swine farming. This leaves neighbors…

ND Supreme Court Upholds Permits for Hog Operation in Buffalo

Opponents asked a judge to block the project

  BUFFALO, ND — Despite pleas from the surrounding community, the North Dakota Supreme Court is upholding a decision on permits for a hog farm in Buffalo. Rolling Green Family Farms, operated by Minnesota based Pipestone Holdings, is a $15 million dollar hog farm that has many of the people who live in town concerned about things like groundwater and…

Drought Conditions Ease Throughout North Dakota

Many areas in the western side of the state are still getting hit by these dry conditions

NORTH DAKOTA — Drought has eased over the past week in North Dakota but still blankets the western part of the state. The latest U.S. Drought Monitor map shows 63 percent of the state in some form of drought, down from 82 percent last week. Areas of extreme or exceptional drought have declined. The only part of the state in…

Senator Hoeven Holds a Roundtable to Discuss the 2018 Farm Bill

An agriculture roundtable was held to discuss concerns from agriculture producers across the state

CASSELTON ND — North Dakota farmers and ranchers met with Senator Hoeven for an agricultural roundtable to talk about their worries and desires over the 2018 farm bill. Senator Hoeven laid his outline of the 2018 Farm Bill on the table and said getting feedback is the best way to improve any concerns from the producers. More agriculture research, revenue…

Judge Blocks North Dakota Law in Question Over Farm Equipment

The judge's order directs Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem not to enforce the measure until the issue can be resolved

  NORTH DAKOTA — A federal judge has blocked a North Dakota law designed to protect farm equipment dealers. The law permits implement dealers to sell generic rather than name-brand replacement parts. Four major manufacturers of farm implements filed a lawsuit that claims the law is unconstitutional. The judge’s order directs Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem not to enforce the measure…

Recent Rain is Holding Back North Dakota’s Drought Conditions

Escalating drought conditions are still prominent but not getting worse thanks to recent rain

NORTH DAKOTA — Our much needed rain over the past week has keep drought conditions in North Dakota from getting worse. The latest U.S. Drought Monitor map shows 82 percent of the state in some stage of drought, unchanged from last week. Most of central and western North Dakota remains in extreme or exceptional drought. There was a small area…