Go Behind the Scenes at Wahpeton’s Chahinkapa Zoo

The Chahinkapa Zoo Offers Personalized Tours For Any Occasion

WAHPETON, ND — If you’ve always wanted to get up close and personal with exotic animals now is your chance. The Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton is taking you behind the scenes. You can take a personalized tour where you can do things such as feed lemurs, kangaroos, calves, or spend time with Tal the orangutan. Zoo staff says they can…

LIVE: The Chahinkapa Zoo

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Learns How You Can Go Behind The Scenes At The Zoo

KVRR’s Jackie Kelly talks with the Chahinkapa Zoo’s Director, Kathy Diekman, about how you can get a behind the scenes look at the zoo. For more information click here. Categories: Morning – Features, Morning – In The Community Tags: animals, behind the scenes, chahinkapa zoo, zoo

Fargo Man Kisses Animals to Raise Money for United Way

Monte Jones kissed chickens, a horse, sheep and a donkey

FARGO, N.D. — One local Fargo man decided to help raise money for the United Way by kissing animals. Monte Jones says his two least favorite things are the outdoors and animals, so, for $1 or more, he decided to conquer one of his fears and help an organization which he says does so much good for Fargo-Moorhead. Monte kissed chickens,…

WHO Asking Farmers and Ranchers to Stop Using Antibiotics on Healthy Animals

The organization especially wants restrictions placed on antibiotics used for growth promotion

  INTERNATIONAL — The World Health Organization wants farmers to stop using antibiotics on healthy farm animals. The organization issued a statement saying farmers and ranchers are only encouraging a lack of effective antibiotics for humans and say the overuse on healthy animals contributes to a potential deadly disease outbreak. WHO especially wants restrictions placed on antibiotics used for growth…

A Howling Good Time: Wolf Awareness Week at the Red River Zoo

The Red River Zoo is Hosting Events All Week Long in Honor of Wolf Awareness Week

FARGO, ND — The Red River Zoo is having a howling good time all week as they teach the public about wolves. It is part of Wolf Awareness Week which happens every year in October through the Timber Wolf Alliance. You can stop by and enjoy wolf zookeeper talks, wolf arts and crafts and even wolf bingo. It’s a special…

Homeward Animal Shelter Offers Microchip Clinic for Dogs

The chip is placed between the dog's shoulder and neck

FARGO, N.D. — Shelter managers say microchips are a pet’s ticket home.  Homeward Animal Shelter is offering microchips for dogs at $20. Staff at the shelter say dogs can’t feel the chip, which is placed between their shoulder and neck. The chip has a barcode put into a nationwide database to help locate lost pets. They say pet parents must remember…

Bank of North Dakota Offering Low Interest Disaster Loans to Drought-Stricken Producers

The loan program is aimed at helping ranchers rebuild breeding stock and to pay for feed to sustain herd levels

  NORTH DAKOTA — The Bank of North Dakota may be making low-interest disaster loans available to ranchers dealing with drought. Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring estimates that North Dakota cattle ranchers have sold off about 100,000 animals in recent months due to drought. The loan program is aimed at helping ranchers rebuild breeding stock and to pay for feed to…

Cool Cats on Display for Dairy Queen Fundraiser for Cats Cradle

The goal is to raise money and awareness for Cats Cradle Shelter located in Fargo

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The only thing better than having some ice cream is enjoying that sweet treat with a furry friend. The Dairy Queen on 30th Ave in Moorhead hosted Dining with Cats, giving people the chance to do just that. The goal is to raise money and awareness for Cats Cradle Shelter located in Fargo. Fifteen percent of all…

Jamestown Animal Shelter Taking in Animals from Louisiana

The shelter is expected to get up to four dogs in the next week.

1/7 Show Caption Hide Caption 2/7 Show Caption Hide Caption 3/7 Show Caption Hide Caption 4/7 Show Caption Hide Caption 5/7 Show Caption Hide Caption 6/7 Show Caption Hide Caption 7/7 Show Caption Hide Caption JAMESTOWN, ND — Prairie Paws in Jamestown is getting animals from Louisiana shelters to make room for animals stranded by Harvey. The shelter is expected…

The Solar Eclipse: Watch Out for the Animal Kingdom

The Solar Eclipse will take place on August 21st

FARGO, N.D. —The highly anticipated solar eclipse will take place on Monday, August 21st. Certain theories suggest an eclipse can cause major changes in animal behavior. “There’s a lot of historic reports on animals behaving oddly during solar eclipses, especially if they’re in totality,” says Red River Zoo Executive Director, Sally Jacobson. “We’ve heard stories in the past of cows…