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LIVE: Hop To The Fiber Arts Festival This Weekend

Learn About How To Make And Use Fiber Products, Meet The Animals, And An Update On The Nome Schoolhouse Renovation

You can find out where your knitted, quilted and crochet goodies come from, and how to make them yourself at the weekend’s Fiber Arts Festival. This year’s event is Saturday and Sunday at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds. You can meet plenty of the adorable animals that supply material for yarn, like sheep and even rabbits. We met the adorable…

Nome Is Where The Heart Is: Schoolhouse Rebirth

Two Friends Turning Dilapidated ND Schoolhouse Into Destination

NOME, N.D. – Time has a funny way of working. It can crumble buildings. But time can also stand still, preserving memories for generations. In a small town about an hour southwest from Fargo, there’s an effort to reverse the damage time has caused while bringing the memories it preserved into the light for a new audience. Drive into the…

LIVE: Alpacas At KVRR!

Alpacas Join Us Ahead Of 2018 Fiber Arts Festival

  Chris Armbrust with the Fiber Arts Festival brings her Alpacas Oodles and Noodles out to chat with Adam ahead of the 2018 festival. There will be plenty of wool, yarn, handmade toys, blankets, and clothing, along with demonstrations showing you how to use all those materials. Animals will be there too! You can find alpacas, sheep, and even a…