Some People In Devils Lake Are Against Historic Downtown Improvements

many oppose the plan because it means losing parking places in front of businesses

DEVILS LAKE, N.D. — A number of people in Devils Lake, including store owners, are opposing a project to improve the city’s historic downtown. The project includes sidewalk, curb and gutter replacement, and aesthetic additions. Some are enthusiastic about the project, believing it will encourage more people to shop downtown. But many oppose the plan because it means losing parking…

Work on 13th Avenue East In West Fargo Begins Thursday Morning

Road Work will continue until October

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Contractors are ready to begin work on the 13th Avenue East reconstruction and improvement project in West Fargo. The first phase will begin Thursday morning at 5 between 45th Street South in Fargo and 12th Street East in West Fargo. For the first couple of weeks, crews will work in the center of the roadway. Access…

Minnesota Lawmakers Hold Town Hall Meeting

One of the main concerns was infrastructure improvement

MOORHEAD, Minn. —¬†Democratic Minnesota lawmakers held a town hall meeting to take questions from the community and update them on the legislative session. State Senator Kent Eken, along with Representatives Ben Lien and Paul Marquart, said there is currently a budget surplus. They say one of the main concerns is infrastructure improvement and balancing maintenance with the development of new…

West Fargo PD Leaders Get Reviewed: Janke Expands the Department

In his first 100 days, Chief Heith Janke is restructuring the leadership workflow and adding new positions

WEST FARGO, ND — Leaders of the West Fargo Police Department were anonymously reviewed by employees. This about four months after Police Chief Heith Janke replaced former Chief Mike Reitan who was under fire for creating a hostile work environment. In a request for more sergeants from the city of West Fargo, Chief Janke outlined the department’s faults. “We set…

Cass County Sheriff with President Trump as He Signs Laws Aimed at Supporting Law Enforcement

President Trump said he wants to help those, especially in law enforcement and the military, who have taken it upon themselves to protect us

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney watched just feet away from President Trump as he signed two bills into law aimed at helping law enforcement families and veterans. The president signed the American Law Enforcement Heroes Act, which encourages law enforcement agencies to hire veterans. He also signed the Public Safety Officers Benefits Improvement Act, which helps officers…

Ask Danny: Painting Galvanized Metal

It's feeling like spring out there. Should you spring for sprucing up your home's exterior metal elements?

With the recent weather warmup, you’re probably thinking about making your house beautiful in time for spring and summer entertaining. But when it comes to painting your home’s exterior, do you know what to do with the galvanized metal elements and whether it’s safe to paint them or not? Danny Lipford tackles the beautification process in this week’s Ask Danny….