Ray Kvalvog Explains Reasons Behind Filing Lawsuits After the Deaths of His Sons

"I Want to Know What Happened to My Kids"

  Ray and Kathie Kvalvog are responding to the negative reaction generated by their wrongful death lawsuits against their sons’ former school, coach, Chrysler and insurance company. Ray and Kathie lost their only sons in a crash on I-94 in 2015. “It’s like we’re in jail,” said Ray. “We have our own death row sentence. But every once in awhile, we…

Kvalvogs Release Statement on Lawsuit

Their attorney posted a response to KVRR Local News' article posted Monday

Bradshaw and Bryant PLLC, who is representing Ray and Kathie Kvalvog in their lawsuit posted a response to several critical social media users on KVRR Local News’ Facebook page. The response reads “We are incredibly saddened by the reactions we have been reading. After a year of searching and begging for answers in the deaths of our two sons, a lawsuit seemed to…