Murphy’s Pub

Businesses offer incentives as they struggle to hire new employees

"It's hard to find people, with pandemic and unemployment it's just been really hard to find workers.

FARGO-MOORHEAD (KVRR) — While businesses struggled to stay afloat during the height of the pandemic, they are now faced with a shortage of employees willing to work. Many COVID-19 restrictions have eased in North Dakota and Minnesota is beginning to end some of theirs. Some businesses are hoping to better meet the needs of their customers, but due to a…

New Moorhead pub now open for business

Murphy's Pub opened quietly a few weeks ago after the pandemic forced a later start date

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) — The pandemic has been tough on businesses over the past year, especially bars and restaurants. One of the employee’s of a new Moorhead pub says opening now under the restrictions is just the new normal. Bartender and server Baylee Engquist says, “It’s been months and months in the making but it really paid off.” You may…