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U of M will offer free or reduced tuition to Native Americans

MINNEAPOLIS – The University of Minnesota will offer free or reduced tuition to many Native American students attending its five campuses starting next fall. The cost waiver program had previously been offered only at the Morris campus, but now will be expanded to all five campuses, to also include Duluth, Rochester, Crookston and the Twin Cities. Incoming freshmen and tribal…

Dakota High School’s name change honors indigenous culture

What was once known as Woodrow Wilson High school, is now known as Dakota High School.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Fargo Public Schools is celebrating one high school’s name change. What was once known as Woodrow Wilson High school, is now known as Dakota High School. An opening ceremony celebrating the name change honors Native Americans. “This ceremony is about recognizing the roots of our name. We see North Dakota, we hear the term North Dakota…

Remembering Native American lives lost at Wounded Knee massacre

The Wounded Knee tragedy occurred 130 years ago, killing close to 300 Lakota tribe members

WOUNDED KNEE CREEK, S.D. — Tuesday marks the 130th year since the Wounded Knee massacre. “At the time there was a movement with the ghost dance that was occurring sort of this evangelical effort by Native Americans that were praying for sort of relief from all that was happening,” Plains Art Museum Director of Native American Programs Joe Williams said….

Silent Activism for the National Day of Mourning

The push for a new understanding of Thanksgiving

FARGO, N.D. — As many families celebrate Thanksgiving, many bison statues in the FM area have been covered with signs that are against the holiday. This day for many Native Americans is the National Day of Mourning. For them, the day is a symbol of the actions taken by the pilgrims and other colonizers when they came to America. Some…

New law enforcement center in Camp Grafton will train Indian Affairs law officers

Hoeven helped secure two and a half million dollars for BIA law enforcement training.

CAMP GRAFTON, N.D. – Federal, state and tribal officials join Senator John Hoeven for the opening of the new U.S Indian Police Academy Advanced Training Center in Camp Grafton. Senator Hoeven says more than 60 percent of the Bureau of Indian Affairs law enforcement positions on reservations in the upper great plains states are vacant. He adds they need law…

Sen. Tina Smith addresses Native American communities negatively impacted by COVID-19

Smith held a Facebook roundtable with Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan and Indigenous leaders from Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS – Native American communities say they have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Minnesota Senator Tina Smith hosted a virtual roundtable with indigenous leaders across the state to address these concerns. The greatest problem they have had to deal with is the CARES act. Members of congress, including Smith, sought $20 billion in relief for tribal communities, but…

State Representative Ruth Buffalo Says George Floyd Death “Opened A Lot Of Wounds”

Buffalo has reached out to city leaders, law enforcement and organizers to start having these discussions.

FARGO, N.D- State Representative Ruth Buffalo says the death of George Floyd was heartbreaking and it’s something many Native Americans in North Dakota could resonate with. “Many of our communities are struggling to survive. Who live in poverty, and who experience high rates of racial profiling. And there is the very strong, thick, lack of trust that exists across our…

The F-M Community Marches For Missing And Murdered Indigenous People

A indigenous man spoke about a family tragedy that changed his life.

FARGO, N.D.- Native Americans in the region want their voices to be heard. “That’s why we’re crying out to the community, that’s why we’re trying to get awareness going, is there really is no real solid statistics. The closest thing that we have to statistics right now is in 2016 there was over 6,000 murdered, missing indigenous people and only…

Savanna’s Act Moves To The Full U.S. Senate For A Vote

It is named for Savanna Greywind

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Savanna’s Act is finally heading to the Senate floor for a vote. Sen. Kevin Cramer says it was approved by the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. He is urging the full Senate to act on it quickly. It is named for Savanna Greywind. The 22-year-old pregnant member of the Spirit Lake Tribe was murdered by a neighbor…

Saving Savanna’s Act: Activists Rally at Sen.-Elect Kevin Cramer’s Offices Across State

The bill was passed unanimously in the Senate, halted down the House

FARGO, N.D. —┬áTime is running out to pass Savanna’s Act or it will be back to square one on the legislation in the next session. To prevent that from happening, activists for Native women’s rights were outside Senator-Elect Kevin Cramer’s offices across the state. Savanna’s Act would improve crime databases and start reporting missing and murdered indigenous people. The bill…