North Dakota Department of Agriculture

UND Labs To Play Role In Testing COVID-19 UV Light Scanner/Disinfection Systems

The work is supported by a $1.5 million grant from the North Dakota Department of Agriculture

Courtesy: UNDGRAND FORKS, N.D. — COVID-19 detect-and-disinfect technology is being developed and tested right here in North Dakota. SafetySpect, a California-based company, is bringing its virus-fighting solution to multiple UND labs for testing. The UV light scanner/disinfection systems could decontaminate an entire surface by zapping it with a handheld ultraviolet light. The hope is to have dozens of prototype systems…

Be Cautious of Seeds Coming from China

People in North Dakota report getting unsolicited seeds in the mail

BISMARCK, N.D. — A warning after people in North Dakota say they’ve gotten unsolicited packages from China with seeds in them. That’s from the North Dakota Department of Agriculture and the North Dakota State Seed Department. Officials in other states have also reported similar instances. The state’s agriculture commissioner says he’s not sure why these seeds are being sent or…