Profile By Sanford Offers Healthy Food Tips For 4th Of July

Some ideas include having leftover just the way they are, or tossing them into a fresh salad to help cool off after a nice day at the lake.

FARGO, N.D. — Fourth of July meal is normally some potato salad, hot dogs and ice cold pop but health experts say you can always add a little more color to your plate. “I always recommend something fresh, so keep your fresh vegetables or vegetable trays around, bring some fresh fruit or some fresh fruit trays around.” She says just…

Great Plains Food Bank Receives Beefy Donation of Protein for the Summer

Hornbacher's, Smithfield Foods donate 40,000 pounds of protein

FARGO, N.D. —¬†For many families across the country, summer is one of the toughest seasons to have regular access to food. “Summertime is always one of the biggest need periods because of all the kids that don’t have school, so during the school year, they have breakfast and lunch that’s taken care of but that goes away in the summertime,”…

Beyond Eggs: Getting A Protein-Packed Breakfast

Essentia Nutrition and Diane Thao Show You How to Boost Your Protein Power in the Mornings

I’m here with Essentia Health registered Dietician Katie Barkley, she’s here to talk about protein booth in your breakfast. So Katie what can we do to add more proteins? Well, protein is a macronutrient that we need to help build ourselves and keep them strong. It helps keep you full. It helps trigger the center of your brain to cause…