City Crews Withstand a Blast of Wicked Winter Weather

Temperateures close to freezing and modest snowfall amounts made keeping Fargo streets easier than it couild have been

FARGO, N.D. — Snow started falling before dawn and crews were out early to keep the roadways clear, but plows weren’t the only ones swinging back into action. Snow caught many by surprise, but Fargo city crews were ready for Mother Nature’s wicked weather curveball. “We have a night crew that’s on staff they’re supposed to be sweeping, but in…

Kennedy Elementary Students Learn About Weather with Two Familiar Faces

North Dakota State Climatologist Adnan Akyuz visited with the first graders about our weather patterns

FARGO, N.D. — A tornado was reported “inside” Kennedy Elementary School in Fargo. North Dakota State Climatologist Adnan Akyuz visited with the first graders about our weather patterns. He created a tornado in the classroom using an enclosed chamber as part of his demonstration with the help of KVRR’s very own Chief Meteorologist Rob Kupec. Akyuz says it’s always best…

Looking Up to the (New) Moon

What's Today's Moon Phase?

Meteorologist Scott Sincoff takes a look at the current moon phase and what constellations we can easily see in the stars this week: Categories: Morning – Features, Weather Blog, Weather Notes Tags: astronomy, constellations, leo, moon, stars, weather

KVRR After Dark: Rob is Sucked into the News

Original Air Date: 4-20-2017

KVRR STUDIO: Chief Meteorologist Rob Kupec is so sucked into the national news, he misses his cue for national weather.  Special thank you to the Lincoln Police Department for their dash cam video of the lighting strike! All in a day’s work.  Happy Friday, everyone! Categories: Community, Local News, The Buzz Tags: KVRR, news, ROB KUPEC, weather

Controlled Burns Scheduled for Veterans Boulevard

The exact time of the burns depends on the weather

  WEST FARGO, N.D. — If the weather is just right, crews will be doing controlled burns along Veterans Boulevard this week. The burning on the three roundabouts between 40th and 52nd Avenues South will happen Thursday or Friday and possibly next week. The exact time of the burns depends on the weather. The burning will help remove weeds and…

What is a Hardiness Zone?

Gardening in a Colder Climate

Meteorologist Scott Sincoff takes a look at what Hardiness Zones are and how they impact people in the Red River Valley: Categories: Weather Blog, Weather Notes Tags: CLIMATE, cold, crop, crops, farming, gardening, growing season, hardiness, hardiness zone, usda, weather, ZONE

Nearly 20 Years Since Major Blizzard of ’97

April 1997 began with temperatures in the 60s, giving people hope for spring after 10 blizzards that winter

  NORTH DAKOTA — It’s been nearly 20 years since a devastating April blizzard struck North Dakota. It began as freezing rain or sleet on April 4th. By the time it was done on the 7th, it dumped as much as 2 feet of snow in some areas. April 1997 began with temperatures in the 60s, giving people hope for…

People in the Metro Area Enjoying Warm Weather

People say you don't have to use walking or exercising as an excuse to be outside

FARGO, N.D. — While other areas around our region are getting hit with the threats of flooding, people in the metro are getting outside to enjoy the warm weather. With temps expected to stay in the 50s and possibly hitting the 60s, people are taking advantage of the earlier than expected warm–up. People say you don’t have to use walking…

Up For Chasing Storms? Storm Spotter Classes Held In Fargo

Attendees learned how to spot dangerous weather in the field and how to report it back to forecasters

FARGO, N.D. — The National Weather Service held a storm spotter training class at the Public Safety Building in Fargo. The purpose of the course is to teach the public how to track dangerous weather and report it to forecasters. Radar equipment used by forecasters often can’t see weather near the surface, so storm spotters fill in those blanks. Also,…

Rise in Temperatures Leading to Rise in River Levels

Flood warnings are also out for Drayton, Neche, Walhalla and upstream of Warren

  RED RIVER VALLEY — Our warm weather is producing snow melt runoff in northeast North Dakota and northwest Minnesota and river levels are rising. A flood warning has been extended in Grafton. The Park River is expected to rise into major flood category with a crest near 16 feet by Saturday. That is nearing the record high of 16.16…