What’s With This Winter Weather? KVRR’s Marshall Downing Explains

Marshall Tells Us Why We've Seen So Much Snow And Cold, And When Things Will Return To Normal

  Are you sick of the snow and the cold we’ve been cycling through the last few weeks? Worry not! KVRR Morning Meteorologist Marshall Downing has some good news. He explains what caused our weather to turn for the worse for the start of 2019. But he tells us that there’s good reason to think things should stabilize for the…

Taking the Right Steps to Protect Your Home and Save Thousands in the Snow

Father and son, CEO and vice president, Mark and Tanner, are working together to unplug vents, rake roofs, and clear ice dams

MOORHEAD, Minn. — After years of cleaning roof vents, snow and ice dams, those with North Country Weatherization Technologies say this winter is one of the worst. Hear why taking the right steps could protect your home and save you thousands in the future. It may not be clear where that strange smell or weird sound could be coming from….

Number of Uber Drivers, Prices Affected By Blizzard Conditions

Some drivers are having car troubles themselves

FARGO, N.D. — The conditions outside mean fewer Uber drivers are on the road and that means it’ll cost you more to use the service. Some drivers can’t get their own cars to start or can’t get their cars through the snow. The weather means good business for the ones who are able to drive. One Uber driver, Dan Haglund, says…

No Travel Advisory in SE ND, Schools Cancelling Classes

FARGO, N.D. – Another winter storm system is bringing more snow and blowing snow across the region. A number of schools and churches in the area called off evening activities. Some are running 2 hours late. Find all closings by clicking here. North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum is granting an hours-of-service waiver for drivers of commercial vehicles transporting propane due to…

Police: Dead Woman Found in Fargo Parking Lot “Had Been There For a Few Months”

Police expect to have an ID on the woman by Thursday

UPDATE: Fargo Police identify the woman found in the Cash Wise parking lot on 33rd Street South Wednesday as 65-year-old Barbara Anne Barry and say she was “believed to be deceased for a few months.” Authorities do not suspect foul play. They believe Barry is homeless and was not reported as a missing person. The incident remains under investigation.  …

Travelers Returning from Arizona Greeted With Frigid Temperatures

Airport officials say thousands of flights across the country have been affected by the polar vortex

FARGO, N.D. — The frigid temperatures have been affecting flights across the country. People flying in from warmer places say the dramatic shift in temperature was a shock to them when they got off the plane. “Almost 100 degree difference. Swinging from the 55 degree weather we left in Arizona to a –54, not really happy to be back, excited to be…

West Acres Mall Closes Early Tuesday Due to Inclement Weather

Mall gives stores option to stay open Wednesday

FARGO, N.D. — West Acres Mall officials decided to close the mall at 6 p.m. Tuesday due to the weather outside. They are telling stores they have the option to remain closed or reopen Wednesday. The early closure didn’t stop many people from getting some shopping done. Some say they came to the mall since some other businesses across town closed…

If It’s Too Cold for You, It’s Too Cold for Your Pets; Limiting Exposure Outside

Staff with Homeward Animal Shelter say animals are just as prone to frostbite and hypothermia as humans

FARGO, N.D. — If you have a furry friend, keeping them inside as much as possible over the next few days is in both of your best interests. Staff with Homeward Animal Shelter say animals are just as prone to frostbite and hypothermia as humans. If you are used to taking your pets for a walk, or a few, this…