Home Inspection Horror Stories: Mousecubes and Other Matters

Don't let low inventory lead you to a new home purchase that's a house of horrors.

Lars Knobloch is honest about his intentions in posting his new home inspections video series, “Lars Knows,” on Facebook.

“We’re trying to scare people,” he said, when he sat down with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in studio. “We’re trying to show people what to watch out for.”

Knobloch, an inspector with Nordic Inspections, serves the Fargo area and teaches first-time home buyer classes locally. He’s worked with families who are rushed and worried that the combination of low inventory and high competition for the most desirable properties, they might miss out on a home they love. But just as important as loving the look of the home you’ve found is making sure it’s safe and in good repair, said Knobloch.

That’s why he’s posted a series of videos that are racking up the views. His cautionary tales range from a snarled mess of untouched, 1950s-era wiring, to a downspout directed into a window well, to a dead mouse in the water softener (think: ice cubes and soup with mouse particles in them), to a homeowner drying meat in the garage attic. It’s an eye-opening look at what home inspectors see every day, and how to recognize signs of serious problems in a property before you buy.


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