Pet Connection: Meet Gidget

Give a pet one more day of love and comfort for Giving Hearts Day.

If Gidget looks familiar, it’s because we’ve had her on the Morning Show before. The tiny senior citizen is celebrating her 106th day in hospice care, courtesy of Diamond in the Ruff pet rescue.

Rescue worker Ryan Keel brought her in to the Morning Show to talk with Emily Welker about how Gidget was found wandering the street, sick, small, and totally abandoned by her owner.

Hospice, run by Diamond in the Ruff, gives dogs like Gidget a way to spend their final days in peace, comfort, and safety, with the medical care they need and the love they deserve. It’s expensive and labor-intensive, but it’s an important part of the pet rescue work Diamond in the Ruff does.

If you want to give another pet a chance to live out their days in peace and dignity in hospice, consider giving to Diamond in the Ruff on Giving Hearts Day coming up next month. Check out the link to find out more.

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