MSUM Hopeful State Will Fund All Four Campus Renovation Proposals

A $17 million renovation of Weld Hall is the centerpiece of the combined proposals

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Minnesota legislators are about to return to St. Paul and debate Governor Dayton’s state bonding bill.  A few items on that list are proposed renovations to the MSUM campus.  The buildings on the MSUM campus are a mixture of old and new.

The university says  renovations are needed to keep the older ones running efficiently and to meet the needs of the modern college student.

Community leaders agree that it’s an important part of keeping the region thriving.

“They’re critically important for the overall vitality of these campuses – to keep these campuses competitive,” said State Rep. Ben Lien (DFL) of District 4A.

Weld Hall was built in 1915 and is the centerpiece of the proposed renovations.  The school hopes the project will allow the building the campus’s changing needs.

“If you can just rehab it in a way that makes it more modern and useful for the current type of students we have it’s a perfectly good building,” said Larry Pogemiller, Minnesota Commissioner of Higher Education.

The proposed $17 million project would not only update the auditorium, but also modernize the classrooms and create a more public–friendly entrance.

The school’s English department is located in Weld Hall, and those students look forward to a modernized Weld Hall.

“Another way to make it more student–centered I think would be to have more communal areas, where could can together as students because we all are friends,” said student Megan Redlin.

MSUM is also targeting four other buildings across the campus to update disabled accessibility and to make them more energy efficient.

The school is hopeful that all its proposed projects will be funded this year.

“If they could do a bill up in the billion range, then I think that projects like Weld Hall could certainly be part of it this year,” said Pogemiller.

Governor Dayton has included all the proposed MSUM improvements on his version of the bonding bill, which will be finalized when the state legislature reconvenes on February 20.

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