LIVE: Comic-Con

Get your nerd on this weekend.

What with nerd culture infiltrating and in some cases taking over much of mainstream media, it’s becoming easier and easier to find socially acceptable places to let your nerd flag fly.

But if you want to get your nerd culture at its source, to commune with the wellspring of all things creative, artistic, sci-fi and unabashedly cosplay, you need to check out Comic-Con 8 in Fargo.

This weekend’s festivities are sure to include fans of the latest Marvel release, the groundbreaking Black Panther movie. But May’s new Marvel release is getting advance buzz from fans as well as the latest rumors swirling about Star Wars IX. And no Comic-Con is complete with old school fans of Batman, Superman and just about every fantasy, sci-fi, comic and action hero you can think of.

This weekend includes family-friendly and adult-oriented costume and game opportunities, professional and amateur comic scenesters, and more. Event organizer Tony Tilton sat down live in-studio with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about why comics are a bigger part of American culture than ever before.

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