LIVE: Hope Inc. Sled Hockey

Find out if KVRR News is tough enough to take on these athletes.

The athletes of Hope, Inc. Paralympics club may be mobility-challenged, but when it comes to the sled hockey challenge coming up this weekend, it’s the able-bodied who often find themselves struggling to keep up.

The Morning Show’s Emily Welker found that out the hard way when she and the other folks from KVRR accepted the sled hockey challenge for the first time. Sled hockey is a modified version of hockey on a special blade-mounted sled, and it’s an incredibly tough workout that engages your upper body, your core, your dexterity, your agility and all your strategic skills at once. It can be a humbling experience for anyone at any fitness level, and it leaves you with a special appreciation for the athletes of the Hope, Inc. program.

Hope, Inc. founder Adair Grommesh joined Emily live in-studio fresh off the Fargo team’s triumph to talk about the match coming up between KVRR and their friends at KFGO radio. If you think you’ve got what it takes to take on the sled hockey challenge, here’s more information about the event, at this link.

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