LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Jack

You don't know Jack, but you should!

We didn’t know Jack, either, until Diamond In The Ruff’s Ryan Keel brought him in to meet us in the KVRR Morning Show studio live on the air this Pet Connection Thursday. And boy, were we ever impressed.

Jack’s a calm, well-mannered, affectionate lab cross with perhaps some bulldog or pit bull thrown in. He gets along well with everyone — people, other dogs, you name it. He’s about 8 to 9 months old, which makes it fairly impressive he’s so polite, since he’s still pretty much a puppy.

That’s not the only reason Jack is the whole package, though. This dog was rescued from a situation in which he’d spent his entire life chained up in someone’s yard. It’s no position for a dog to be in, since the lack of social interaction can lead to fear and aggression in dogs. But Jack’s shaken off the shackles of his past and is an extraordinarily sweet and calm dog.

If you want to get to know Jack, check out his profile, here.[pp_gal]/0/


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