LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Libby

A gal with a disposition as sweet as her blood sugar.

Libby the cat is a lot less fur than most of our feline guests on the Morning Show, but she’s got more love than most to make up for it. The 6-year-old orange domestic medium-hair was rescued from the pound by the fine folks from Homeward Animal Shelter and when she came in she had a substantial number of mats in her coat. So they gave her a lion cut, spruced her up, got her diagnosed and treated for her diabetes, and now she’s ready for a forever home.

Only a cat like Libby, with her incredibly sweet disposition, could tolerate being injected with insulin on a daily basis on top of being yanked from pound to shelter to TV studio, let alone being shaved down in time for her big TV debut. But none of it phased her, and she stayed calm, docile and relaxed through her entire appearance, even letting out some purrs and some meows to let us know she was interested in the proceedings.

A nifty little bonus: at 6, Libby is considered a senior pet, even though cats can live into their late teens and even longer. She and all the other senior feline sweeties at Homeward are up for adoption at a reduced rate, in honor of their “graduating seniors of 2018” status. So if you’d like to give this sweetheart a permanent home, check out her profile here.

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