LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Moose

A shaggy dog story with -- we hope -- a happy ending.

Believe it or not, Moose is an Old English sheepdog. That’s right, the beloved and familiar face you remember from Barkley on Sesame Street is right in front of you, but minus about 2 pounds’ worth of ill-kept long fur, mats, mange, tangles and ticks.

Moose was rescued from a situation in which the big guy didn’t ever get to come off his outdoor chain — and it showed. Old English sheepdogs are a gorgeous, iconic breed with a great look and even better personality, but they do require a thorough dedication to keeping their coats appropriately brushed and cared for. And of course, all dogs require tick preventive medication and a regularĀ  check of their skin to make sure the tiny little parasites haven’t hitched a potentially deadly ride.

Fortunately, Ashley Hahn of Diamond in the Ruff took Moose in for foster care and got his mange treated and his messy coat shaved down. She brought him in to the Morning Show to visit live with Emily Welker about the breed and what it takes to care for an Old English sheepdog.

Moose, who’s 10, is recovering nicely, gets along well with her two-year-old and the other dogs in the house, loves to cuddle, and is ready for adoption.

If you enjoyed this shaggy dog’s story and you’ve got the time and love to give, check out the information about Moose here.

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