LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Beau and Beckett

A buddy-movie script in the making, starring these two brothers and.... you?

It’s a road-trip, buddy-movie script in the making with these two. Beau and Barrett, two adorable brothers rescued from a reservation, hit the road early Thursday morning with the James River Humane Society’s Kris Meidinger to drive all the way from Jamestown for their big TV appearance.

The two year-old boys joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker for some cuddles and fun live in-studio to talk about what you’re in for when you adopt a spaniel mix (hint: lots of playing in the water) and why it can actually be easier to adopt two dogs at once rather than a single dog.

In many cases, having dogs in pairs who are bonded cuts down on behavioral problems because, as social creatures, dogs do better when they have another animal to hang out when you’re away at work or school. They tend to keep each other busy and out of trouble.

These two are a great example of that. They’re gentle, well socialized, playful, and good with kids. They also don’t make a lot of noise, and they have no housebreaking problems. That’s a pretty amazing list of positive behaviors for dogs so young they’re essentially still puppies.

If you think it might be time to turn this pair of buddies into a trio, check out their profiles, here.

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