National Donut Day

The Salvation Army's rolling out the donut troops (and the dough while they're at it).

Lines are stretching down Broadway in downtown Fargo, and that’s for one reason and one reason only – National Donut Day. Year after year, donut makers fry up batch after batch for the big celebration, and at Sandy’s Donuts in downtown, a dollar from each dozen goes to support the Fargo Salvation Army.

That’s because the Salvation Army and donuts go way back. In the war, Salvation Army workers stayed near the front lines with soldiers, in the mud and the blood, to hand them cups of coffee and donuts fresh out the fat to keep their morale and energy up.

Major Byron Medlock sat down with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in-studio to talk about the Donut Day program in downtown and how supporting your craving today for something sweet can help them do the hard work of taking care of folks in need right here in the Red River Valley region.

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