LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Bosco (Again)

Help us find this senior weiner a better fit.

If you live to be as old as Bosco is, chances are, you’ll have seen some heartbreak in life. This little old gent broke our hearts when he was returned by his adoptive owners, just in time for his 15th birthday next month. So Bosco came back for a second Pet Connection appearance live in-studio, this time with volunteer rescue worker Heidi Brammer and the Morning Show’s Emily Welker.

Bosco found himself once again homeless through no fault of his own. His owners decided he had to be returned to 4 Luv of Dog’s shelter for his own good, after their much-younger dogs kept harassing the poor little fellow.

Bosco’s by no means unsociable; he enjoys company and cuddles and sniffing around on walks. He’s in excellent health, especially considering his age. He’s likely to live several more years, but he’s a better fit for a slightly more sedate household than with a couple of young pups who like to tackle and roughhouse.

If you’d like to check out his profile, take a look at the link here, and don’t forget to check out their Senior Dog Program while you’re at it!


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