LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Yogi

He steals socks. And maybe your heart too.

Yogi is one smart little cookie, smart enough so that you’d probably better keep an eye on the laundry basket while he’s around. The 1-year-old Shi Tzu mix came to Diamond in the Ruff rescue after his owner died, and among his many charming and goofy attributes is a certain nonchalance about hosiery ownership. That is, he steals your socks – in order to happily trade them in for treats once you discover his act of larceny.

Yogi and rescue worker Ryan Keel joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in studio to talk about why dogs like to steal socks and other objects (hint: treats are a motivating factor,) why Yogi’s playful behaviors will likely mellow out as he moves further away from puppyhood and into adulthood, and Diamond in the Ruff’s silent auction and fundraiser this weekend.

If cute little Yogi’s stolen your heart as well as Keel’s socks, you can more information about adopting him, here.


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