LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Sunshine

You need a little sunshine in your life.

A visit from Sunshine couldn’t be any better-timed. This snowy Thursday, Homeward Animal Shelter’s Heather Klefstad brought Sunshine the orange tabby in to visit live in-studio with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker.

Sunshine was surrendered to a pound after her family found they couldn’t care for her any longer, and she’s impressed her handlers at the shelter with her sweet, cuddly, affectionate disposition. Like most cats, Sunshine was super-curious when she came into the studio for her live appearance, but she’s usually very calm and relaxed around the home, gravitating particularly to children, said Klefstad.

Sunshine is declawed on her front paws, which means that if you want to adopt her, you’ll have to make sure she doesn’t go outside without you. Cats rely on their sharp retractable claws for defense against larger animals as well as for hunting, so it’s important to keep declawed cats indoors for their health and safety.

But that’s okay, since we need Sunshine inside as well as out, especially with this early winter weather. Check out her profile below, and don’t forget to get the details for the big Homeward fundraiser Wags, Wine and Whiskers coming up next week.

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