LIVE: Expert Makeup Tips and Tricks for Halloween

And don't forget Dia de los Muertos, too!

Looking to pumpkin-spice up your Halloween costume or Dia de los Muertos observance? We have just the way to do it — and the Morning Show’s Emily Welker is offering up her face as a canvas.

This makeup job is one that features the popular “calavera,” or skull, look that’s gotten more attention in recent years from the increased awareness of the Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos.

Some people also like to sport Dia de Los Muertos looks in connection with Halloween and its skeleton imagery, although the two holidays are separate. So makeup artist Lizzie Jensen joined Emily on the Morning Show to show us how easy and fast it can be to create a special, sparkly calavera look at home with makeup and tools you can buy online or at local stores. It’s a truly next-level holiday look you can add to a costume or wear alone to bring some glitz and glamour to your fall holidays.

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