LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Mighty Mouse

Here he comes to save the day! (Or at least, save your feet from getting cold.)

Call him an incognito superhero. This little dog, a miniature pinscher named Mighty Mouse, makes a big noise against intruders but could more or less snuggle up in your pocket with the right introductions.

The four-year-old min-pin came to Diamond in the Ruff rescue after his owner died recently. They, in turn, brought the little guy in to join the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in studio, where he charmed everyone with his big-dog in a small-dog-suit personality.

As Diamond in the Ruff’s Ashley Hahn explained, min-pins were bred down from standard-size Doberman Pinschers by crossing them with smaller breeds, so they have a guarding-dog behavior built in to their temperament. And while he’s plenty protective, Mighty Mouse is also very docile, being patient and well-socialized with other small dogs, toddlers, and big dogs alike. He also doesn’t need a coat in these mid-20s temperatures, unlike many other short-coated small breeds.

If you’re looking for a dog who packs a big supply of fun and affection into a little package, you can get adoption info on Mighty Mouse at the link here.


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