Pet Connection: Meet the Cats

It's a cataract of cats in the metro.

Ferguson, the tailless feline, is just one of many cats and kittens who are cooling their heels over the holidays at Homeward Animal Shelter. The Manx cat shared the available space for animals at the shelter over the course of the past week or so with up to 105 cats at one point.

Homeward’s Heather Klefstad said that as soon as space becomes available with an adoption, it’s filled up within the hour by another cat or kitten being rescued. And while they’re committed to keeping up their long-running streak of taking cats out of the local pounds so that none in the metro are euthanized, they’re running out of space.

The Morning Show’s Emily Welker joined Klefstad at Homeward’s North Fargo site to talk about why the spring and summer “kitten season” has stretched on so long in the region, and how people can help out. Best of all, they’re offering a major discount on adoptions coming soon. For more information on how you can adopt a cat like the sweet, social and snuggly Ferguson, check out our link, here.


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