LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Persia and Fifi

A tale of two kitties.

These two little kittens had a start to life you could call pawsitively Dickensian.

Sisters Persia and Fifi were rescued from an infanthood spent homeless on the streets of our region at just 8 weeks old, just as the weather was turning from chilly to life-threatening for animals left outdoors.

Homeward Animal Shelter workers took them into the rescue, and now they’re being raised in foster care by Homeward’s Animal Shelter, who joined the pair live in studio with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker.

The 12-week-old domestic shorthairs are extremely well-behaved, especially considering they’re still very much kittens. They’re gentle with their claws, playful, and love to snuggle.

They are bonded, so it’s best if they go to a home together. While bringing home two new kittens instead of one may sound like twice the work for an adoptive pet parent, it’s actually sometimes easier than adopting a single pet.

“They keep each other busy,” said Klefstad, who adds that often means you can find them worn out from their playtime and cuddled up together asleep.

If you already have as many pets as your home can handle, please consider the tale of Fifi and Persia when it comes to spaying and neutering your pets. Making sure your animals are altered can help keep the unwanted pet population to a minimum. And if you are in the market for a “tail of two kitties” — check out their profiles, here.



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